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Assam Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma has announced a comprehensive strategy aimed at revolutionizing the dairy sector in the state. In a recent announcement made on March 3, Sarma outlined plans to establish milk processing units across various districts, signaling a significant leap towards achieving the goal of producing 10 lakh litres of milk and empowering dairy farmers with fair prices.

Earlier on March 2, the Chief Minister inaugurated the expanded dairy plant of West Assam Milk Producers’ Cooperative Union Ltd., famously known as Purabi Dairy, where he emphasized the importance of supporting local dairy farmers. Sarma expressed pride in unveiling the first batch of Purabi Ice Creams, highlighting its superior taste derived from locally sourced milk.

With the inauguration of the new plant, the state’s milk processing capacity will increase to 1.5 lakh litres, promising a boon for thousands of dairy farmers who will gain improved market access. The Assam Government’s joint venture with NDDB has already launched its first commercial product, marking a significant milestone in the state’s dairy industry.

Sarma also announced substantial support measures for dairy farmers, including an additional Rs 5 benefit per litre of milk provided by the state government, on top of existing rates offered by dairy cooperatives. Moreover, WAMUL (West Assam Milk Producers’ Cooperative Union Ltd.) has increased the basic milk procurement price by Re 1 per liter, effective from March 1.

Source : India today ne March 3rd 2024

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