This is the first channel dedicated to dairy-related news from India and abroad. It will cover top seven dairy news from last seven days. The news will be aired on every Sunday. The channel will have expert interviews, market and technical analysis and a lot more sections very soon. You may share in comments about the news on which you would like to have detailed information.

We shall be creating detailed news feature on the same. Top seven news from the last week are as follows :

1. GST rates levied on healthy dairying : buttermilk, curd, lassi and paneer

2. Amul’s AI success: Bovines impregnated in 1st attempt

3. 70 % samples test +ve for tick-borne diseases among dairy animals

4. CavinKare has launched its Cooking and Table Butter range

5. Goa Dairy struggles and forced to stop FCM and Cow milk supply

6. Innovative dairy products cater to growing consumer emphasis on health

7. Consumers and manufacturers share responsibility for the planet’s health

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