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Accusing the Government of creating fear psychosis among farmers using the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Act, a convention of dairy farmers has demanded that the legislation be scraped at the earliest in their interest.

The conventionheld in Chickballapur on Thursday alleged that police were harassing farmers by using the provisions of the legislation.

A resolution adopted at the convention accused the Government of adopting a dual stand with respect to farmers and corporates. “While farmers are under watch by banning cow slaughter, the sale and export of beef by corporates has not been banned,” the resolution said.

This had clearly shown that the Government was protecting the interests of corporates who were exporting beef. At the same time, it had snatched the right of farmers as well as poor sections, the resolution said.

Pointing out that farmers were banned from selling their cows to slaughter houses even if they were infertile, the resolution expressed concern that this would result in more number of farmers, particularly dairy farmers, quitting agriculture and allied activities.

The resolution demanded that the Government should buy infertile cows from farmers at market rates till it withdrew the legislation.

The resolution expressed concern that even the transport of cattle had become difficult as farmers needed to take permission from various authorities concerned even for it.

The legislation had resulted in dairy farmers being gripped by fear of police as it had provisions to imprison violators for seven years besides slapping huge penalties, the resolution said. Such provisions had also affected cattle trade, it said, and demanded that the legislation should be withdrawn without any delay.

The Hindu April 28th 2022

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