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Giving a protein punch to its consumers from the natural source of milk, Amul marketer, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF), is now developing a portfolio of protein products, starting with the recently-launched Amul Protein Lassi and Amul Protein Buttermilk (Chhas).

Driven by the rise in post-Covid health-conscious consumer class, Amul has developed a special category of products, which carries protein isolated from liquid whey, derived as a by-product from the cheese manufacturing process.

“After extensive research and product development, we are now able to build a complete portfolio of protein products. Amul has developed technology to derive isolated whey protein from the liquid whey. These products will be suitable for all including fitness freaks, elderly, pregnant women and children willing to consume protein-rich drinks,” said Jayen Mehta, Chief Operating Officer, GCMMF.

Consumers took to social media to rate the new products from Amul

With Amul adopting a direct-to-consumer model by launching the products on its website — — , a few consumers have created a buzz on social media about the products. Chirag Barjatya, a fitness coach, was seen endorsing the Amul Protein Buttermilk, while another consumer, Dipankar Mazumder noted, “I love drinking plain sweet lassi so I mixed sugar-free with this protein buttermilk.” Another fitness coach from Jaipur, Cheena Lalwani, said: “A must buy product” on her Twitter post.Consumers took to social media to rate the new products from Amul

Consumers took to social media to rate the new products from Amul

Whey comprises of water, whey protein, minerals, and other milk solids. Amul — the largest cheese manufacturer — has daily liquid whey availability of 25 lakh litre per day. Currently, the most popular form of whey protein supplement available in markets is whey powder, which is mostly imported in India and is highly expensive. Unlike these protein powders, which are consumed by mixing with water or milk, the ready-to-drink Amul Protein Lassi or Buttermilk is found to be more convenient way to fulfil daily protein necessities.Consumers took to social media to rate the new products from Amul

Consumers took to social media to rate the new products from Amul

Amul Protein Lassi has 15 grams of protein in each of 250 ml pack which is priced at ₹40, while Amul Protein Buttermilk has 15 gm protein in each of 200 ml pack that costs ₹25. “They are more convenient to use, affordable, and trustworthy with brand Amul,” said Mehta. In comparison to regular lassi or buttermilk, these products have three to five times more protein.

Over the next two-three months, Amul is planning to develop a complete portfolio of protein products that will include high protein shake, protein water, protein yoghurt, protein cookies, protein ice cream and chocolate. Currently, it manufactures at GCMMF’s existing facilities at Gandhinagar and Banaskantha. But going forward, the dairy behemoth is planning to set up a dedicated plant for protein products.

Quoting the India active data, Amul stated that the country’s whey protein market is worth $2 billion (approx ₹15,000 crore) and that it aims to gain a large market share of this segment with its innovative and premium product range, thereby making India “Aatmanirbhar” in a category which is majorly import dependent, Mehta added.

Source : Business Journal April 11th 2022

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