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Global dairy price index moved up slightly. AMF and Cheddar were the front runner in pushing the index upwards. AMF has finally reached at par with Butter prices. Butter demand remained sluggish. Cheddar also took a big leap to close at USD 4143/MT.SMP has not yet reached a significant level to become attractive for Indian dairy exporters.

Summary of Results
Number of Winning Bidders101
Number of Bidding Rounds16
Duration of Trading Event (hours:mins)2:20
Minimum Supply (MT)23,080
Maximum Supply (MT)28,015
GDT event

Key Results*

AMF index up 8.6%, average price US$6,552/MT (€6,080/MT)
Butter index up 0.1%, average price US$6,526/MT (€6,056/MT)
BMP index not available, average price not available
Ched index down 7.6%, average price US$4,143/MT (€3,845/MT)
LAC index down 1.0%, average price US$785/MT (€728/MT)
MOZZ index up 5.3%, average price US$3,960/MT (€3,675/MT)
SMP index up 1.3%, average price US$2,788/MT (€2,587/MT)
WMP index down 1.8%, average price US$3,388/MT (€3,144/MT)

Source : Global Dairy Trade event website : Feb 20th 2024

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