Department of animal husbandry under Rajasthan government has launched Kamdhenu scheme to install hitech dairy farm with 30 desi cows. The government will bear 30 % cost of the project at a total cost estimate of Rs 36.68 lakhs per unit.The entrepreneur will be investing 10% and 60 % will be funded by the bank. In first stage the applicant will have to buy animals upto second lactation ot upto 5 years of age whichever is lesser with an yield of 1012 liters per day. In first phase 15 lactating animals will be bought and in second stage 15 heifers of the same breed will have to be procured. The state government will support the applicant with training. The beneficiary should have minimum of 1 acre of land and 3 years of experience in this field for enrollment. The last date of filing the application is 30th of June 2020.

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