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Dairy farmers protest in front of the Vita Milk Plant due to unclear dues of payment over the last 70 days. The total due payment is nearly 130 crore. Dairy farmers said not even a lice crawls on the government’s ear.

In JIND, a district of Haryana, significant developments are taking place as dairy farmers are staging protests against the non-payment of outstanding dues amounting to Rs. 130 crores. The farmers have blocked the gates of the Vita Milk Plant since their payments have been pending for over two months.

The dairy farmers started the protest at the Vita milk plant and when their protest got unnoticed by the official administration, they block the gate of the milk plant which disturbed the transportation of milk products from the plant for hours.

As per the media report, blaming the Haryana government, dairy farmers said that they had interacted with almost all the officials including Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, in respect to look into the uncleared payments.

Additionally, the reports say that Sushil Kumar who is the President of the Dairy Farmers Association, stated that more than 7000 farmers from 700 societies are involved in this. These farmers have regularly supplied milk to Vita Milk Plant  for continuation and regular supply of milk in the market.

The maximum time for the disbursement of dairy farmers’ payment is cycled for 10 days but as it has been pending for nearly 70 days, the outstanding payment is now raised to 130 Cr. As per the source, the Chief Executive Officer of Vita Milk Plant said that the authority had cleared 33 Crores of pending balance and the rest will be done within 10 days.

As per the sources, the state government hasn’t made the payment to Vita Milk Plant in return to supplied milk powder to schools and anganwadis for midday meals , due to which it led to delays in the payment of dairy farmers.

Source : Krishi Jagaran 02nd May 2023

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