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The dairy sector assumes a greater significance and has been a major contributor to the growth of the rural economy in Himachal Pradesh, where 90 percent of the State’s population resides in villages. As an industry, it employs most rural households, with the majority being small and marginal farmers as well as the landless.  The sector is an important job provider, especially for women, and plays a leading role in women’s empowerment.

The state government has facilitated the dairy farming infrastructure through its various initiatives. In the last year, the animal husbandry and dairying sector have received a great deal of impetus.   By expanding the dairy sector, the state government is moving towards making Himachal a prosperous state of the country by strengthening the rural economy.

The Government has announced to increase in the procurement price of milk by rupees six per litre to benefit milk producers. To strengthen the economy of milk producers and to ensure the quality of milk production, the Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Milk Producer’s Federation Limited set up 102 Automatic Milk Collection Units (AMCUs) in the state last year besides this 455 automatic milk collection units also functional.

Apart from this, 106 bulk milk coolers have been installed so far under various projects in the state. As many as 35 can-meter coolers have been provided under the National Dairy Development program to improve the quality of milk.

The State government is also in the process of developing a state–of–the–art automatic milk processing plant at Dagwar in Kangra district to produce a wide range of dairy products. This initiative would go a long way in bolstering the rural economy.

Co-operation is also playing an important role in the development of the dairy sector in the state. The cooperative societies have not only made the farmers self-sufficient but have also broken the shackles of gender, caste, religion, and community.

Concerted efforts are being made by the state government to form societies at the village level thereby increasing its number to 1,107. Initiating the White Revolution in the state, the state government has started the ambitious Him Ganga Scheme with a budgetary provision of Rs 500 crore. Under the scheme, committees have been formed in the first phase to make people more aware. 201 new milk cooperative societies have been formed in Hamirpur and Kangra districts.          Around 11 women’s societies have been formed in district Hamirpur and eight in district Kangra which indicates the efforts of the government towards women empowerment in the state. Four societies have been reorganized in Hamirpur district and 4064 farmers have been connected through these milk cooperative societies. To ensure the participation of women in the dairy sector, the number of women milk producer cooperative societies is being increased in a phased manner. 

Along with paving the way for employment generation, the dairy sector is also proving a way to solve problems like malnutrition and poverty reduction. The Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited has diversified the process of Panjiri production, especially for the Women and Child Welfare Department. Fortified Panjiri, fortified bakery biscuits, wheat vermicelli, and whole milk powder are being provided by the Federation. This initiative of the government is laying the foundation for a healthy and happy future for the children of the state.

Himachal’s vast resource of livestock plays a vital role in improving the socio-economic conditions of the rural masses and the dairy sector provides a large window of self-employment opportunities, particularly for women, keeping this in view the state government’s innovative efforts will bring a new era of prosperity of milk producers of state.

Source : Himachal headlines jan 7th 2024

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