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India means business when it comes to addressing the climate change but it is the developed world which needs to move further from paying a lip service to the cause and show action on ground, Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Textiles said, showcasing India’s approach commitment towards addressing climate change.

Addressing the International Dairy Federation (IDF)-World Dairy Summit (WDS) here on Thursday, Goyal said while traditionally Indians possess reverence for nature reflected in the way animal husbandry, fisheries and farming are practised here.

India supports 17 per cent of the world population yet contributed barely three per cent to green house gas emissions.

Climate financing

“At the same time we do very strongly believe that the developed world has totally failed in making its commitments to support the developing countries and the emerging markets through their contributions of technology, low cost long tenure government support for climate finance,” he told the gathering that included dairy leaders, policy makers from around the world.

Goyal also urged the IDF to ensure that those responsible in contributing to the climate problems over the years, “actually put on the table relevant technology and finance to mitigate the problem in the less developed countries, that includes many countries in Asia and Africa, who had shown that commitment but don’t have the necessary technology and resources.”

Speaking on behalf of the farmers in India and also for all the less developed countries and developing countries, Goyal asked the world to do a relevant assessment of Indian dairy compared to the mechanised farming and dairying across the world. The minister also urged the IDF to send a team of experts to India for research on India’s practices on climate action and come up with solutions that will help “us align ourselves with the global standards and global emission norms. I can assure you that India wants to be a part of the solution and not the problem.”

Notably, India’s co-operative dairy model is primarily based on the small farmers with cattle holding of average about 2-3 cattle per farmer.

Key hurdles

The IDF-WDS 2022 was held in India after a gap of 48 years with over 1,500 participants from about 50 countries taking part in the four-day event.

Listing out the three main challenges of animal welfare, food safety and environment before the dairy sector, IDF President Piercristiano Brazalle said that the summit met the expectations as it discussed the pertinent issues of the current times including the future challenges on sustainability.

Caroline Emond, Director General, International Dairy Federation, promised to work with India’s dairy sector along-with rest of the world to ensure sustainability and adherence to climate change.

Soirce : The Hindu Businessline 15th Sep 2022 by Rutam Vora (The writer is at IDF-WDS 2022 at the invitation of NDDB)

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