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The Indian dairy business needs innovation now more than ever. Even though the dairy business has had difficulties lately, there is a growing market for dairy products. India is well-positioned to lead the dairy industry as a major player in the global market, following which India is the world’s largest producer of milk, and the dairy industry is important to the nation’s economy. The sector does, however, confront a number of difficulties, such as rising demand, shifting customer tastes, competition, and sustainability issues. The industry may use innovation to overcome these obstacles and seize new possibilities. For instance, firms may stand out in the market and increase their client base by creating new dairy products that adapt to shifting consumer demands. Similar to how firms may boost production, cut expenses, and increase efficiency by implementing new technology like automation and artificial intelligence.

Indian dairy industry innovations and advancements

India is a major participant in the dairy sector, and the potential for expansion is substantial as the world’s top milk producer. The Indian dairy business has seen major technical developments in recent years. For the market to stay on top of trends, it is critical to connect with the shifting requirements and aspirations of customers. Innovation may also aid in addressing issues related to sustainability, including lowering the industry’s carbon impact, enhancing animal welfare, and guaranteeing the wise use of natural resources. For instance, creating innovative feed formulations with lower greenhouse gas emissions can contribute to the industry’s sustainability and environmental friendliness. Increasing production and efficiency is one of the main problems facing the Indian dairy sector. This may be overcome by utilizing automation and technology, such as automated feeding systems and cutting-edge data analytics. The dairy business in India is one of the biggest in the world, but despite its size and scope, the sector is dealing with a variety of problems that call for creative solutions.

India’s dairy business is highly fragmented, with more rural farmers joining cooperatives rather than major companies. Dairy farming is still integrated into the farming system and is not a standalone business. Big data is another area that Indian corporations are focusing on, in addition to technical advancements to enhance farming practices and the organizational supply chain. The use of cutting-edge techniques like precision farming, which uses sensors, data analytics, and machine learning to optimize farm operations, can increase the productivity of Indian dairy farms, which is currently low. Moreover, innovation can aid in the development of fresh and cutting-edge dairy products that reflect shifting customer demands. By decreasing the rate of adulteration and contamination, innovative solutions can aid in improving milk quality as well. Innovation is also required in the fields of animal genetics and breeding in addition to these domains. Farmers may enhance the quality of their milk while simultaneously lessening their influence on the environment by creating new varieties of cows and buffaloes that are more suited to Indian circumstances.

The Indian dairy business is well-positioned to enjoy rapid growth. As the Indian dairy sector is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases, there is a need for creative solutions that might lessen the negative effects of dairy farming on the environment. And to do this, a variety of approaches are being experimented with, such as developing new sustainable feed, forming partnerships with businesses that can assist them with methane capture, etc. When it comes to the nutrition part of feeding infants, because of apparent freshness, many still choose unpackaged, raw milk brought by a neighbourhood milkman in many regions of the nation. Hence, large companies play a crucial role because they can ensure quality. However, the demand for nutrition products has increased as people’s understanding of children’s health and the significance of a newborn’s first few days of nutrition has increased. India has made significant progress in the dairy industry, going from a severe milk crisis to becoming the largest producer. Ultimately, the expansion and success of the Indian dairy business depend heavily on innovation. Long-term success and contributions to the industry’s general growth and development are more likely for businesses that embrace innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

Source : The Times of India 08th April 2023 by Ravin Saluja Director, Sterling Agro Industries Ltd

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