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The Israel government approved on Sunday the proposal of Minister of Agriculture Avi Dichter to give priority to milk producers in the localities surrounding Gaza in view of the war in Gaza.

The dairy farms in that area were either located in places overrun during the October 7 massacre or that were evacuated due to security concerns and, as such, have taken a hit financially.

As part of the decision and with the aim of rehabilitating the milk production industry in the Gaza Envelope, the Minister of Agriculture will set a higher milk quota increase for milk producers from the Gaza area settlements for the year 2024, compared to producers from other areas and beyond what is currently practiced.

In addition, the supplement will be given to all producers in those settlements, regardless of the location of a specific dairy.

Minister Dichter: “Strengthening the dairy industry is a national task. Dairy farms and milk producers are a symbol of the rehabilitation of the settlements surrounding Gaza and the rehabilitation of agriculture in general.”

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