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The sole Farmer Producer Organization in North Kashmir’s Kupwara district, is teetering on the brink of closure due to a substantial outstanding amount from dealers.

This organization, officially known as the ‘Farmer Producer Organization’ (FPO) Kupwara, was formed with the lofty goal of fostering employment opportunities and sustainable livelihoods by engaging in the purchase and sale of milk to generate income for farmers.

Initially, the company witnessed considerable success, expanding its membership from 5 to an impressive 500, operating across 85 units throughout Kupwara. Daily milk consumption soared from 3 to 20 quintals. However, the flourishing trajectory took an unfortunate turn as outstanding dues from dealers mounted, causing a drastic reduction in daily milk consumption from 20 to a mere 4 quintals.

War G M, the CEO and owner of the organization, expressed the founding vision of generating income for farmers and providing employment for locals. The company, now comprising over 500 members, including women, faced and overcame numerous challenges in its journey.

The severe blow came with an outstanding amount of approximately 10 lakh rupees from dealers, leading to a substantial setback. Consequently, the daily milk consumption plummeted, severely affecting the company’s viability. War G M highlighted the issue with the district administration, which has assured both action and additional funding to address the crisis.

Chief Animal Husbandry Kupwara, Mohhamd Ashraf, acknowledged the delay in dues from dealers and affirmed the administration’s guidance to help the organization navigate through these challenges.

However, he clarified that the administration cannot directly intervene in the organization’s dealings with its dealers. Despite this limitation, ongoing support and efforts are being directed toward finding the best possible solutions to sustain the ‘Bangus Valley Milk Producers Company.'(KNS).

Source : Kashmir Life Jan 21st 2024

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