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Why the milk prices are going so high now ? Is it because of milk shortage or high surge in demand or both ? CNBC interviewed Sh R S Sodhi President Indian Dairy Association to get an answer.

Sh Sodhi answered all the questions and clarified that milk shortage may not be the only reason for milk price increase. When same thing happens with other commodities then we do not mention that it is because of shortage rather we say that it because of inflation. Dairy inputs have also faced a very high inflationary pressure.

The best part is that the dairy farmers are paid well. Though there will be pressure on processors to get volume growth or high profits but farmers with better income will help the prices stabilised in coming flush. He also explained the stand of government to imports commodities only in case of necessity.

He mentioned that every 25 years the milk production has trebled and per capita availability has doubled since independence. As per Mr sodhi India will be touching a production level of around 600 Mill MT but there will be an export surplus of close to 90 Mill MT. India will be the leading expoter to Asian countries by 2047.

Source : CNBC TV 18 Youtube channel April 18th 2023

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