Arun singhal CEO Fssai on milk quality as priority

The Narendra Modi government plans to increase the quality checks on milk, edible oil, honey, meat and poultry. This was told to The print by FSSAI’s newCEO, Arun Singhal. It was his first media interaction . FSSAI will identify more food products that are susceptible to adulteration. It will also identify the hotspots where such adulteration takes place. Also read Mr Arun Singhal IAS appointed as Chief executive Officer, FSSAI

Milk, edible oil, honey, meat and poultry are identified most sensitive products in terms of food safety in the beginning. The scope of surviellance to identify hot spots and national levels surveys for milk and edible oils will be planned at big scale.

FSSAI will also be focusing on periodic inspections and third-party audits of FBOs. FSSAI has already approved 30 rapid food testing kits and devices to ensure food testing at the fields. The samples may not be sent to laboratory for further testing.

The FSSAI has plans for strengthening testing laboratories infrastructure and new National Food Laboratories at Chennai and Mumbai. This will be done along with investment in training and capacity building of all lab technicians. Also read Margarine may be banned for the sake of dairy farmer: Gadkari wrote to PM Modi

FSSAI is soon going to introduce new regulations for imported food products. Frozen foods in Pre-packaged food in a packed box or any other container will be the focus area. These regulations will also take care of labeling norms in case of imported foods.

Fssai is also working on ease of doing business at its FOSCOS platform for online registartion and licensing. The FSSAI is also in the process of strengthening the import clearance for food products.

3 thoughts on “Milk quality testing is high in priority list of FSSAI : Arun Singhal CEO FSSAI”
  1. Suggest to work towards Lab Grown Grown which Is Humane and Sustainable.
    Lab milk production has a far smaller carbon footprint, lower pollution levels, and no animal suffering & got vegan status. Lab milk offers multiple health, environmental, and ethical benefits over standard cow’s milk. It’s marketed as vegan, lactose-free, and hormone-free.

  2. […] The nomenclature of an analogue product, defined in sub-item (ba) under item 1 of sub-regulation 2.1.1, as provided on the label shall be reflective of the true nature of the product.Provided also that for such products, dairy term or phonetically similar or spell alike terms shall not be used in the nomenclature of the product. However, the name of the dairy ingredient used in the productshall be indicated in the list of ingredients, wherever applicable. Current CEO of FSSAI Sh Arun Singhal has also shared his concern while selecting milk amongst the top five products for continuous surveillance. Also read Milk quality testing is high in priority list of FSSAI : Arun Singhal CEO FSSAI […]

  3. […] The regulator focusses on capacity building of human resources which strengthen their compliance and surveillance efforts. Under the coveted Eat Right initiative the regulator enables support to FBOs and help in generation of public awareness also. Also read Milk quality testing is high in priority list of FSSAI : Arun Singhal CEO FSSAI […]

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