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Sh Sangram Singh Chaudhary , Managing Director Mother Dairy announced that they have launched butterscotch flavored haldi milk ( turmeric latte) which will help to boost the immunity of its consumers. The product has been developed so as to provide similar benefits as having one teaspoon full of haldi in a glass of milk. Ayush guidelines on preventive health measures have been followed up while developing the product. The product has been positioned as an immunity booster and contains the benefit of curcumin a flavonoid available in turmeric. The product has been kept at Rs 25 per bottle.

2 thoughts on “Mother Dairy Launches Haldi Doodh”
  1. […] Dairy and food companies launched a large number of healthy products during the lock down period. There are three key elements of new product development namely health and nutrition, indulgence and convenience. Most of the companies focussed on health and nutrition while developing and launching their products. Also read Mother Dairy Launches Haldi Doodh […]

  2. […] The Sweets and bread launch comes close on the heels of the successful Haldi Milk. Haldi milk is a testimony to Mother Dairy’s agility and consumer centric approach when it comes to product innovation. Consumer has always been at the centre for the brand and the company stands for its values of trust, care, love, and warmth. Also read Mother Dairy Launches Haldi Doodh […]

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