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Mother Dairy, the country’s beloved milk and milk products major, has rolled out a new digital campaign – Nutrifit Your Family – especially for its dairy-based probiotic portfolio ‘Nutrifit’. The newly introduced campaign is aimed to position its dairy-based probiotic range of products for all age groups within a family, including kids, teenagers, adults, etc. 

The 2 week-long campaign comprises of 4 short digital videos with crisp and contemporary messaging, driving home the communication that anytime is Nutrifit time and that Nutrifit as a brand is for everyone in the family, it offers something for everyone! The digital videos highlight the fact that everything can be a healthier affair! Be it those con-calls, presentations, Sunday family picnics, or morning breakfast, any time can be a Nutrifit time. 

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Business Head – Dairy Products, Mother Dairy, said, “In the modern day-to-day lifestyle, it becomes difficult for one to maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in the body, mainly due to various factors like stress, unhealthy eating practices, other infections etc. On the other hand, Mother Dairy is known for offering quality dairy-based food and beverage options under the indulgence & naturally healthy space and the purpose of the campaign is also to ensure that the family is Nutrifit. In line with the overall brand positioning of Rishton Ka Swaad Badhaye, this is yet another extension of the over-arching thought to a distinct product category, keeping everyone together even when it comes to health.”

Mr. Sharma further added, “Probiotics are the good bacteria — or live cultures — like those naturally found in your gut. For instance, probiotics have been used for the management of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, ensuring respiratory wellness, etc. We take pride in offering delectable dairy-based probiotic options in different flavours, that are appetizing to consume. Taking the onus of providing healthier alternatives, we will continue to build our health and wellness portfolio under the ‘Nutrifit’ brand.” 

Mother Dairy is amongst the pioneers in the dairy industry to introduce probiotic products in the country way back in 2007 with the introduction of dairy-based probiotic drinks and later strengthened its portfolio with the introduction of probiotic curd. Last year, Mother Dairy introduced India’s first probiotic yogurts under the ‘Nutrifit’ brand aimed at supporting respiratory wellness & immune defense. Mother Dairy’s Nutrifit portfolio offers different flavours such as strawberry, mango, vanilla, etc., making them a treat for consumption while providing the goodness of probiotics.

Source : Adgully Bureau, March 23 2022

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