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The Food and Civil Supplies department of Tripura has announced plans to offer four selected milk products at subsidised rates in government-sponsored fair price shops.

The products, sourced from Gomati Diary, a cooperative society-run agency, will be available in 15 fair price shops in and around Agartala city starting February 16.

Tripura’s Food and Civil Supplies department Minister, Sushanta Chowdhury, shared details of this pilot project with the media, highlighting the inclusion of ice-cream, paneer, curd, and ghee in the fair price shops.

In this regard, an agreement was inked between the department and the Gomati Dairy. The success of this experimental initiative may lead to the incorporation of more such parlors with ration shops in the future.

Minister Chowdhury explained that the allocation of milk products to each ration shop would be based on demand, and necessary equipment, such as refrigerators, would be provided by Gomati Milk. Additionally, the department has decided to offer an extra 5 kg of rice for each ration card at a flat rate of Rs 13 per kilogram. Tripura currently has 9.76 lakh ration cards.

“The existing benefits of the National Food Security Act will remain in force, and Above Poverty Line beneficiaries will be eligible to receive rice as per their previous entitlements for the next two months. The extra 5 kg of rice available in the ration shops is an additional benefit for all consumers at the fixed rate of Rs 13 per kg. A supplementary allocation of 10,000 Metric Tons of rice has been made for this purpose, and the benefit is applicable for the months of February and March,” stated the Minister.

In a parallel decision, the department has increased the wages of women cleaners associated with the Food and Civil Supplies department. The daily wage, previously set at Rs 150, has been raised to Rs 306, incurring an additional expenditure of Rs 23 lakh 90 thousand on the state exchequer. Furthermore, plans are underway to establish 51 new ration shops across Tripura to enhance accessibility and outreach.

Source : East mojo Jan 31st 2024

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