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The dairy industry of Uttar Pradesh has attracted an investment worth Rs 500 crore with a potential to enhance the industrial development of the state.

As a major source of employment and income generation for rural people it is expected to shape their lives with the new investment proposals.

Projects worth Rs 482 crore were presented in this sector during the third groundbreaking ceremony (GBC-3) held in Lucknow on June 3.

They include projects of Duss Bareilly (Rs 80.3 crore) in Bareilly, Creamy Foods Limited (Rs 60 crore) in Bulandshahr, CP Milk and Food Products private limited (Rs 118 crore) in Gorakhpur, and  two projects — CP Milk and Food Products Private Limited worth Rs 100 crore and DUSS Lucknow worth Rs 124 crore — in Lucknow, as per the pioneer.

Talking about the development in the sector, a government spokesman said on Monday that flourishing dairy sector in UP would help the state become self-reliant and also contribute to doubling farmers’ income.

Emphasising the aim of cooperative system to provide employment and services in society with the participation of workers and markets, he said the sector plays an important role in achieving food security, reducing poverty, generating employment opportunities for women, and providing a regular source of income for rural households.

Dairy industry provides alternative employment opportunities all through 365 days of the year while crop production employs the rural workforce for 90 to 120 days.

Knn India June 22 2022

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