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This is probably one of the most fertile time for launch of immunity boosting new product launches by the dairy industry in India. We have seen  launch of Haldi milk by Amul in April and later by Mother dairy in June 2020 . Amul has launched two more variants namely Ginger milk and Tulsi milk. Priced at Rs 25 for a 125 ml can.  As per Ayush ministry , drinking golden milk twice during the day boosts immunity to fight Corona. Amul priced its haldi milk at Rs 30 for 200 ml bottle. Mother dairy’s butterscotch flavored Haldi milk is available for Rs 25 per 200 ml bottle at all of it’s outlets. In near future we can expect Ashwagandha and honey milk also in the market by leading dairy players.

One thought on “Amul Launches Ginger and Tulsi milk in Corona times”
  1. […] The new Haldi (turmeric) ice cream is the latest addition to the brand’s ‘immunity’ line of products. In June, Amul had announced the launch of its ‘Ginger’ and ‘Tulsi’ variants of flavoured milk in order to boost immunity amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Also read Amul Launches Ginger and Tulsi milk in Corona times […]

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