mehsana doodhsagar dairy dudu adulterated ghee

GCMMF and Mehsana Dudhsagar Dairy will not be dispatching 600 MT of ghee to the market.This ghee has been produced at the Mehsana Doodhsagar dairy situated at Dudu , Rajasthan. Suspicion of high adulteration in this ghee has led to this decision.

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Last month Rajastha POlice detected adulteration in ghee manufactured at the Mehsana Doodsagar dairy plant at Dudu . The ghee sample was having around 16% palm oil. Amul’s MD Mr R S Sodhi wrote to chairman Mehsana Doodhsagar dairy that adulteration could easily be found in ghee.

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Mr Ashok Chaudhary, board of director, Mehsana dairy cited this incident of adulteration as unfortunate. The said ghee is to be marketed under the brand Amul which has very high level of trust and credibility. The culprits must be punished and the samples may be tested in some other labs also for validation. The driver was caught redhanded and a complaint is filed by Rajasthan Police so there is no scope for any politics in the case.

3 thoughts on “Amul stops dispatch of 600 MT of ghee packed in Mehsana Union plant at Rajasthan”
  1. 15 percent palm oil adulteration means it was intentionally added by manufacturer or the level of adulteration in milk in overall rajasthan is higher. Such things are very dangerous than corona. Action on such things by Government as well as processor and manufacturer should be strong. I think Amul will take this.

  2. That area is infested with milk adulteration. In this case looks like the manufacturer and his people are involved .
    Amul or Mahsana dairy will always keep qualified professionals to oversee the quality & daily operation .
    How such a big blunder can happen?????? .
    Look’s like some big people may be involved from this brand.

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