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 Banas Dairy, which will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his upcoming visit to Varanasi, aims to bring about the development of the dairy sector in Purvanchal (eastern UP).
According to a press statement from Banas Dairy, the successes achieved by adopting scientific methods in animal husbandry in the semi-arid region of Banaskantha, Gujarat, need to be replicated in Uttar Pradesh, including in Purvanchal.

Milk production per animal is on average 22% higher in Gujarat compared to Uttar Pradesh, and achieving similar results in Uttar Pradesh is feasible. Banas has made multidimensional efforts in this direction.
Banas Dairy has initiated the facility of artificial insemination (AI) in seven villages. It recently started the Banas Bovine Breeding and Research Centre (BBBRC), which is Banas Dairy’s Centre of Excellence for Bovine Breeding and Research. The dairy will prepare embryos for local breeds of Gangatiri, Red Sahiwal, and Red Sindhi at BBBRC, which will be used for embryo transfer. Banas Dairy has selected 164 animals from 112 farmers of 33 villages in the Arjailine and Sevapuri blocks of Varanasi district for embryo transfer using embryo transfer (ET) technology.
As a part of the breed improvement programme, 150 high-quality Gir cows were distributed to farmers and milk producers. These cows were distributed among farmers from 55 villages in Arajiline, Sevpuri, Kashi Vidyapeeth, and Pindra blocks in Varanasi. This has kickstarted the breed improvement program in the district.

To enhance awareness and knowledge of animal husbandry among farmers, Banas Dairy also organised a six-day classroom and field training for more than 150 local farmers from Purvanchal at Palanpur in Banaskantha (Gujarat). Banas Dairy is also training AI workers to provide AI services to all 250 villages it is associated with. A total of 22 AI workers have been selected from 22 villages in Arajiline, Sevpuri, and Kashi Vidyapeeth blocks of Varanasi and Mirzapur districts for special training.
A veterinary centre has been established in Mohansarai. So far, this centre has treated over 400 animals, and soon it will be able to treat more than 1,200 animals. Animal healthcare services have been initiated in 241 villages, and veterinarians will regularly visit designated villages and stay connected with farmers through a route system.
Banas Dairy will conduct awareness campaigns and meetings for farmers, covering topics including training on scientific methods of animal husbandry, knowledge of feed quantity, quality, and central government assistance schemes, collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Livestock Development Board (UPLDB) in Varanasi.
Notably, Banas Dairy has conducted embryo transfer for 33 cows in Araji Farm. Additionally, it is providing artificial insemination training and veterinary services for animals, such as infertility camps, deworming, and vaccination as a collective effort to rejuvenate local breeds.

Source : The Times of India FEb 17th 2024

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