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Kolhapur Zilla Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Sangh, popularly known as Gokul Dairy in the neighbouring Kolhapur district of Maharashtra is facing tough competition from the Nandini brand of Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF). Amid this, the sudden decision to reduce the milk rate by the Gokul Dairy has caused the wrath of farmers, especially in border taluks of Karnataka.

An incident wherein farmers locked the Gokul Dairy officials was also reported at Alataga village of Belagavi taluk on Friday. The Kolhapur-based dairy collects around 40,000 litres of cow and buffalo milk from Belagavi and Khanapur taluks and even some parts of Athani taluk. Recently, the dairy had called upon the farmers to increase milk manufacturing and cooperate with the dairy. The sudden drop in the prices of milk has dismayed the farmers who supply milk to Gokul Milk.

Gokul Dairy has reduced the price by Rs 4.5 per litre for cow milk and Rs 2 per litre for buffalo milk from Feb 1. Although the decision was made last month itself, it was informed to the farmers on Feb 11. The dairy farmers in the Karnataka border area are irked because the Gokul Dairy hasn’t implemented the same yardstick in Maharashtra. The maximum rates have been reduced only for the milk procured from the border taluks of Karnataka state.

Balu Patil, a farmer who has been supplying milk to Gokul Dairy for many years now said the sudden decision of Gokul Dairy affects the farmers severely. “While they say that the Marathi speakers in the Karnataka border area are their brothers, they come up with such a conspiracy. The dairy should be fair with the farmers of Karnataka as well as Maharashtra. We don’t want more or less price,” he said.

When STOI asked Ubedullah Khan, MD of Belagavi Milk Union of KMF, he said, “We don’t bother what is happening in other states because Nandini has emerged as the biggest brand in terms of quality and price. We don’t know why the farmers in the Karnataka border area supply milk to other private dairies when KMF offers them Rs 5-6 more at a competitive price,” he said.
Khan categorically stated that the state govt has rejected the proposal of reducing the milk procurement price, considering the welfare of the farmers. “Animal husbandry department has instructed us not to take decisions like reducing milk prices, especially during the drought, which could be a burden on the farmers,” the officer clarified.

Source : The Times of India Feb 18th 2024

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