The Banas dairy (AMUL) which is Asia’s biggest dairy has declared a reward for its 3500 employees . The dairy will pay one full month additional salary to all of them. The board of directors in its meeting on Saturday appreciated hard work of its employees during three months of the lockdown .

Sh Shankar Chaudhry, Chairman of Banas dairy also lauded the efforts of all of their employees. “We could collect milk every day from the milk producers without any holidays. This could save the milk suppliers from hardship that they could have undergo,’’ he said.

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  1. […] Shankar Bhai Chaudhary chairman Banas dairy Palanpur announced 16.66% hike in payment to farmers amounting Rs 1144 crores . He was addressing the 52nd Annual general meeting of Banas milk producers Union. This difference will be distributed amongst existing 3.5 lakh milk producers of the Union. Currently they are pouring around 73 lakh litres per day of milk at their respective societies. Also read Banas dairy will reward its employees with one month salary […]

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