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The Tamil Nadu Milk Producers Welfare Association (TNMPWA) urged the State government to increase the price of Aavin milk and procurement price pointing out that private firms increased them.

M G Rajendran, general secretary of TNMPWA, said, “Aavin procures 31 lakh litres of milk daily and sells 28.5 lakh litres. Private milk firms increased the price per litre from Rs 55 to Rs 58. But Aavin sells at Rs 44 and people naturally would prefer it. As the quantity of milk procured and sold are set to be equal soon, Aavin may struggle to convert milk into milk powder which is important to determine the standard of Solid Non-Fat (SNF) in milk.”

“Private milk firms increased procurement rates by `4 per litre. One of India’s biggest cooperative companies, Amul, has also increased the rate in the past eight months by Rs 2 each per litre, of which, milk producers will get Rs 1.50 per litre. So farmers may choose them over Aavin. To retain farmers, Aavin must increase procurement price by `3 per litre,” he added.

“We receive 95 per cent milk from crossbred cows in the State. Concentrated cattle feed is vital to increase production in prescribed standard in milk. The State should consider issuing Rs 5 per kg as subsidy for concentrated cattle feed,” Rajendran urged. When contacted, Aavin officials said they would place farmers’ demands before the government.

Source : The Indian Express March 4th 2022

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